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Woooow..! What on earth is this?

The Voice for 8-bit is an entertaining fanzine-style magazine in the spirit of 1980s popular magazines. The original albums were published in Finnish and now soon there will be international edition available!The Voice for 8-bit magazines respects the computer culture and history from an 1970's and 1980's era. Things were done a little differently then than today! The magazines feature articles about 8-bit computers, culture and I love 8-bit® events.

There are also current affairs, including columns and experimental hardware stories. The albums are planned to be an entertaining experience and high quality print magazine. Digital online releases looks like a cheap and modest experience compared to The Voice for 8-bit magazines. The articles and columns are written by subscribers as well as guests and organizers of I love 8-bit® exhibitions. The magazines are also available at I love 8-bit® exhibitions. If you can't get to the exhibitions, you can also order the albums for postage. The albums are sponsored by I love 8-bit® exhibitions and advertising incomes that are part of magazine content.

Please note that The Voice for 8-bit magazines are only available in print, so we don't meet online. The stories are always written by humans instead of AI.

Contact information: kasibittinen@ilove8bit.fi

The new wave computer magazine. The Voice for 8-bit!

The Voice for 8-bit magazines have been translated from Kasibittinen magazines that were published originally in Finnish >>


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Table of content and some joking 🙂

Editor’s column.Introducing the flying computer exhibition I love 8-bit® that has been on motion since 2022 February more thant 25 places.

Das Computerspielemuseum in Berlin. We took a short visit at the musem.

A true story from the winter of 1985, when the interviewee got a computer at home in Lapland, Finalnd. But what happened next?

Introducing the world’s first portable colour computer, the Commodore SX-64 from 1983! How can this computer run ”windows” with about one millionth of the performance of today’s computers?

The flying computer exhibition I love 8-bit® visited the Ideapark shopping centre in Seinäjoki in February 2024. This magazine includes a report of the event. The Pac-Man championship started, with the 1/20th round being played. Check the event site https://ilove8bit.fi/ideapark/seinajoki/


Public section

Correspondent’s corner from Espoo

Correspondent’s corner from Espoo

Correspondent’s corner from Kemi

Try it at home: Apple MacIntosh SD-card reader

Presenting Apple II Europlus

The quizz

Reklaami – the sponsors of the Magazine

8-bit efforts since 2022. Sponsored by the flying computer exhibitions I love 8-bit®.